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This day is celebrated because Gustav Vasa was crowned king in 1523 on June 6. Sweden then became a free country by its withdrawal from the Kalmar Union, which had long united the entire Nordics under one king.

Let us celebrate this day despite global problems and a a strange everyday life right now. Let us think about what freedom means and how we protect it. Swedes are a pragmatic and very modern people. We are the best in the world in many ways. Of course there are problems, but these are things we can solve by working together.

Let’s Hemp is today an international company but it all started in Sweden. That’s why we want to celebrate with a discount of 30% that is deducted at checkout when you shop.

Long live Sweden!



Terms and conditions: Does not apply to goods that are already on sale. The code cannot be combined with other discount codes. Offer valid until Sunday, June 7.

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