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  • Cannabis Light: Maui Wowie 5%

Cannabis Light: Maui Wowie 5%


An exclusive oil that is full spectrum where we combined industrial hemp and legal cannabis light. In addition, with added terpenes for increased effect.

Limited edition. The bottle contains 30 ml.
Most abundant terpenes in this oil:
Myrcene, Alpha Pinene


Cannabis light

With a terpene profile inspired by the strain Maui Wowie, originally from Hawaii, which smells of pineapple, mango and needles. The oil contains flowers from legally grown hemp.


Are organic substances that, among other things, give fragrance and taste. But the effects and uses are much broader than that. Terpene limonene, for example, produces a citrusy aroma and is found in cannabis. These substances are common in highly potent essential oils for aromatherapy.


This oil is based on our natural base oil that we mixed with so-called cannabis light. That is fine flowers from legal hemp. We have then added pure terpenes. Also with optimized THC level for maximum content according to current EU rules

The oil is full spectrum and can produce positive results in tests.


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