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This is our library and a collection of knowledge of all that has to do with hemp. Here you can read about history, biology and chemistry!

The cannabis plant has been cultivated by humanity for over 10 000 years. Mainly for harvesting seeds and extracting oils, as well as for the fibers used for paper and textile. You can surely guess what ordinary people’s clothes were made of before Cotton took over..?

In ancient pharmacopoeias from China and India, hemp is mentioned as medical herb since thousands of years ago.


These chemicals can be categorized into to three different ones, first is phytocannabniods from plants, then synthetic cannabinoids and lastly endocannabinoids. Which are produced in …
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Hemp the farmers herb

Hemp in the western world bares the latin name Cannabis Sativa. It is actually the Swedish scientist Carl Von Linne who named it and sativa …
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What is CBD?

CBD is short for cannabinidiol which is a cannabinoid that occurs naturally in the cannabis plant. This molecule binds to receptors in the human endocannabiniod …
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