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These are troubled times now with constant talk of coronavirus and global epidemic. We have already noticed how this crisis affects our business when shipping companies are having longer delivery times than normal. Also suppliers are saying the bottles we need will take unusually long time to deliver.

Many of us have already seen viral photos from supermarkets with empty shelves and freezers. Perhaps in the event of a real crisis, it is more practical problems that affect us the most. Lack of medicines, food, fuel or worst, toilet paper!

Wash your hands!

We tried to figure out how Let’s Hemp can help in the best way right NOW and then came to the conclusion that ecological soap with hemp is the way to go. That’s why we now offer a free hemp soap included in ALL orders!

Cannabinoids affect the immune system

Molecules from the cannabis plant and the similar endocannabinoids are anti-inflammatory. Which is part of the immune system. Cannabinoids may have antiviral properties. However, there is very little research in this area, none when it comes to Coronavirus (covid-19)!
Most common are studies on autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and cannabinoids. There are also several studies showing the medical benefits of cannabinoid substances in HIV/AIDS that attack the immune system itself.

Please note! Keep in mind that if you or someone close to you shows symptoms, it is always the healt care system you should turn to. No matter if its just questions or care. It is always a doctor or at least medically trained person who shoultd decide in these matters! Alternative treatments or rumors online can be a danger to health and life.

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