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September 10

Hemp the farmers herb


Hemp in the western world bares the latin name Cannabis Sativa. It is actually the Swedish scientist Carl Von Linne who named it and sativa means cultivation or use of in latin for his Species Plantarum (1753) . In Europe hemp has been grown for thousands of years.

Carl von Linné

During the Corded Ware culture approximately 3000 years B.C. hemp was grown in today’s Germany, Poland and Russia. This culture influenced large areas of northern and southern europe. There is plenty of archaeological evidence of hemp use in the Viking Age in today’s Scandinavia.

Sweden has always been a maritime civilization. During the 17th and early 18th centuries, when Sweden was a very important power in Euorpe, hemp played an important role as raw material for ropes and textiles for sails.

Hemp is a historic name for cannabis and today is a legal distinction between cannabis with high THC content, and the more CBD rich alternative that is approved under EU law. Containing less than 0.2% THC.

The raw material hemp

Like many millenniums ago cannabis is still today an important commodity. It is often said that the possible uses are endless. That’s right! Plastic, paper and wood substitutes can be made from the fibers. The seeds and flowers are popular as a healthy food.


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